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  1. Dear OM Daniel

    thank you for confirming our 6m QSO of 17.7.19 on 6m.
    Unfortunately in your LORW location record, your locator JP62
    is missing. I nned it to update my VUCC award. You could do me
    big favour performing the actions LOTW-help suggests for auch a case:

    If the Station Location with which you upload a QSO is either missing information
    (e.g. your Grid Square) or contains incorrect information (e.g. an incorrect US State),
    correct the Station Location, and use it to resubmit the QSO to LoTW. The resubmitted
    QSO’s callsign, band, mode, date, time, and station callsign must exactly match those
    elements of the QSO to be corrected; if so, LoTW will update the QSO with the information
    from your Station Location. If your QSO has already been confirmed, your QSO partner’s
    confirmation will be updated with the information from your submitted Station Location.
    Thus one must be particularly careful to submit or resubmit QSOs with the correct Station

    thank you in advance for your ham-help

    es 73 de Peter HB9RUZ

    • Hi Peter! Thank You for the QSO. I haven‚Äôt uploaded to LOTW yet but I will. I will look into my settings so everything is ok. Is it wrong in clublog, eqsl or qrz.com? 73s de Daniel!

    • Hi Peter!
      It seemed my logging program was configured to autoupload QSO to LOTW. I didn’t remember that. Thanks for observing this! ūüôā I’ve corrected and uploaded again with JP62-locator. Does it look fine now?

  2. Yes Daniel, everything fine now, tnx for JP62 es 73 es gud DX

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