Foto 365 2013-04-19


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  1. Hello
    I will write in English as your tweets indicate you are write in both. While taking my kids through our local östgötska forest to try and find them a beaver without success I decided to google to see if I could see where my nature loving 7 and 11 year could see this rare and lovely creature. Unfortunately, the only google response I found was you showing off this lovely Tjällmo beaver dead. And we have questions. Why is it you think it is OK to take away the chance for us to see this creature which belongs in our wilderness from us. Was the pleasure of destroying life worth it? How is killing a living animal, a part of nature, compatible with someone who proclaims to be a nature lover? Surely, we do not shot and then hold up the corpse of something we love, this is something seen in films from war torn countries? For those moments of sick pleasure in your destruction, you have taken something from everyone else.
    Grateful for any insight you can have on this upsetting behavior.


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